Meditation to access the akashic records

2020-02-26 19:05

Meditation How to access. It is believed by some that the events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. Such states of consciousness can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the akashic records.Oct 31, 2018  Yes you can, but 99, 9999 of the people wont. You have to be of a very high spiritual station to reach the akashic records (hidden tablets alLawh alMahfuz in Islam). What does it mean to be of a high spiritual station? Basically, to be close meditation to access the akashic records

Akashic Record Meditation. Ask to be surrounded with Divine White Light, and call upon Archangel Metatron to help you access the Akashic Record for knowledge, wisdom, healing, and truth. Allow yourself to simply be and breathe for a while. Imagine breathing in white light, and as you exhale let go of tension, stress and pain.

Aug 31, 2014 Steps 1. To access the Akashic Records, you need to release resistance. 2. For most people meditation allows them to focus and raise their vibration, 3. Tell the universe what you would like to channel or know, and then you simply allow it 4. After accessing the Akashic Records, trust The subconscious mind acts as a gateway to the collective consciousness, where the akashic records exist, and you can learn to access it at will with meditation. When you learn to connect with this force you will be able to: Discover hidden knowledge and use it to improve your life. Participate in active healing of both self and others.meditation to access the akashic records You can learn to read your own akashic records, tapping into your soul's knowing with a higher perspective that can help you on your journey. What it takes is the desire to do it, the practice of meditating to let it come in, and a ritual that will open up the records for you. Ask for a messenger to

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How can the answer be improved? meditation to access the akashic records Jan 21, 2017  The Akashic Records are the record of your souls journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. This can take millennia. Feb 25, 2017 Guided Meditation for Connecting to the Akashic Records (Hypnosis) Joe T Hypnotic Labs. Access the Akashic Records to Learn Your Soul Name and Purpose Hypnosis Duration: 35: 01.

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