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2020-02-26 22:26

Jun 22, 2014 root. menu theMenu; doesn't work. That just gets rid of the play option, and the forward, backward, rewind and all of that other stuff. It leaves the settings and redraw regions. How can I make it so that rightclick is disabled completely? I'm using AS2, by the way.Apr 21, 2014 Remove menu on right click in Action Script 2. 0. Ask Question 0. How can I disable menu on right click in action script 2. 0 or just hide zooming from menu? flash actionscript2. how to remove right click menu in swf (flash cs4 using action script 3, flash 9)? 2720. disable right click menu flash as2

AS3 Quickie Removing the rightclick menu from Flash content One of the great new features introduced with Flash Player 11. 2 is the ability to intercept the rightclick from a users mouse. A simple MouseEvent listener can be added to the Stage or any object which extends.

Sep 08, 2010 The company i am working for are designing an interactive flash movie that requires the Right click Menu to be entirely disable, or else the right click option to be disabled. The best that we can achieve at present is to limit the context menu to About and Settings . Customize the Flash Context Menu, AKA RightClick Menu by KPro. This tutorial will teach you how to customize the Flash context menu (rightclick menu). This technique is applicable to absolutely any Flash project, regardless of size, length, or complexity. Everyone has seen the context menu that appears when you rightclick on a Flash movie.disable right click menu flash as2 Anyone know you can customize your flash context menu with ContextMenu class. But what if you want to really get rid of that and use your on context menu or just use the functionality of the right button of the mouse? The idea is fairly simple: 1 Use Javascript in the HTML container page to disable the rightclick on top of the SWF.

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How to customize the Flash context menu. Posted by Not everyone realizes it, but you can actually customize the context menu that appears when you right click a flash application in ActionScript 3. sensitive. But despite that fact, this is a topic I do not see covered very often when talking about context menus in ActionScript 3. disable right click menu flash as2 Re: How to disable right click Flash player menu AFAIK there is no way in the player Only if your swf is embedded in an html page, then you go to 'Publish Settings

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