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Shades of blue color palette including dark blue and light blue colors with names and html, rgb, hex codes. Related Posts. 24 Shades of Green Color Palette. by avoleoo 24 Shades of Pink Color Palette. by avoleoo 24 Shades of Red Color Palette. by avoleoo 24 Shades of Yellow Color Palette.Bright green represents a visual stimulus of 556 nanometers on the visual spectrum as measured on the CIE chromaticity diagram. The X11 color green is somewhat similar to bright green, with a hex triplet of# 00FF00, compared to bright green's triplet of# 66FF00. The color bright green is used to represent bright green environmentalism or the bright shades of green

9 Fabulous Shades of Green Paint and One Common Mistake. Posted in: interior paint colors 23 comments. Email. This is the problem with green. Well, its not exactly a problem, but it is. Probably about a quarter of the colors in the fan deck are some shade of green. There are a zillion shades!

Green is soothing and peaceful. It gives a sense of naturalness and earthiness. Maybe the human eye has developed so as to be calmed at the sight of a lush green forest. Green is certainly the most familiar colour to the human eye. We take a look at the lot of colours evolving from green that will help us to understand the different shades of 24 Shades of Green Color Palette. 24 Shades of Green Color Palette. Color Shades No Comments Top 24 shades of green color palette for you to choose from. List of shades of green: Forest Green Codes: Hex# 0b6623 RGB 11 102 35: Sage Green Codes: Hex# 9dc183 RGB 157 193 131bright shades of green Green Main articles: Green and Shades of green Green is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly nm.

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Jan 05, 2016 # A0D6B4 Green Turquoise. To round up the set we also included Green Turquoise, which already belongs to the family of green colors, but the situation with turquoise was always on the fence blueish green or greenish blue. Some of these HTML codes are also known under different names. Blue is one of so called cool colors. bright shades of green Myrtle green is a dark green with a bluish tinge. The name comes from the myrtle plant, a shrub with fragrant white flowers and aromatic berries, which was considered sacred by the Roman goddess Venus and used as a symbol of love in festivals.

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