Right index finger a1 pulley release

2020-02-18 20:01

Annular (A1A5) and cruciform (C0C3) ligaments of the tendon sheath over the flexor tendons of the index finger of the right hand.Feb 09, 2014 Dr David Drake, UVA Professor, discusses his technique for release of the A1 pulley for treatment of trigger finger. right index finger a1 pulley release

The open release of the A1 pulley, as shown here, represents the standard surgical approach for a trigger finger release. A pen is used to mark the incision site, which may be placed in various locations: (1) directly on top of the tendon, (2) obliquely in line with a palmar

Trigger finger. Most commonly the index finger or thumb is affected. Risk factors include repeated injury, diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and inflammatory disease. The underlying mechanism involves the tendon sheath being too narrow for the flexor tendon. This typically occurs at the level of Feb 05, 2015 Tenolysis, Finger; Browse Past Questions By Specialty. 3. Left middle finger PIP contracture release. Thanks! SuperCoder Answered Mon 19th of January, 2015 03: 56: 20 AM. Care was taken to preserve the A2 pulley but the A1 pulley was mainly just scar type tissue which was removed. The Meals tenolysis knives were used to help gain goodright index finger a1 pulley release Trigger Finger Release. A1 pulley is clearely visualized and NV bundles protected. A1 pulley is sharply released with# 15 blade starting proximally just proximal to the base of the finger flexion crease which ensures the A2 pulley is preserved. Tendons are pulled from the sheath and inspected. Full triggerless motion is verified.

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Jan 13, 2015 Case Report. Her medical history is remarkable for a release of the A1 pulley of the right middle finger 10 days prior for trigger finger. Of note, she had a local steroid injection into the finger at the time of her surgical release of the trigger finger. Her past medical history is otherwise significant for hypertension, uterine fibroids, right index finger a1 pulley release release of A1 pulley and 1 slip of FDS (usually ulnar slip) indications. pediatric trigger finger. presents with Notta's nodule (proximal to A1 pulley), flexion contracture and triggering; may need to release remaining FDS slip and A3 pulley as well; Techniques: Surgical debridement and release of the A1 pulley Laxity of ligament (728. 4) Tendon sheath incision; at radial styloid eg, for deQuervains disease) ( ) Repair, tendon sheath, extensor, forearm and or wrist, with free graft includes graft harvest ( ) Tendon sheath incision eg, for trigger finger) ( ) Tendon pulley reconstruction, with local tissues separate procedure ( ) Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

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