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YG feat. DJ Mustard Left, Right Lyrics. Okay, okay, okay Told her bust it open she said:Lyrics to Left, Right by Y. G. from the My Krazy Life album including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Left, Right YG, DJ Mustard Buy This Song. FAVORITE (0 fans) Y. G. Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson (born March 9, 1990), is an American rapper better known by the stage name YG (an initialism for Young Gangsta). In 2009, he left right yg lyrics clean

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So I'm kickin' up out her legs on this dick like a fraction, right Right, left, hit her with that right, left I got that best stroker, I don't need no mic test My dick work, girl, I don't need no mic check No panties on, I can see your pussy through that white dress I ain't trippin' baby girl, make that money Lyrics to 'Left Right' by YG. Okay, okay, okay. Told her bust it open she said okay. But what she wearin? Chanel& Dolce. How she want it? Beat up like O. J. Skurt, Skurt on a bitch nigga. How much time do you got for a rich nigga?left right yg lyrics clean Dec 24, 2013 YG's second single from his upcoming debut album My Krazy Life. Beat raw as hell, nice job by Mustard.

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Right, Left, Left, Right (She make that ass go) Right, Left, Left, Right Right, Left, Left, Right [Verse: 2 I'm a Pisces, she's a Taurus She said she expensive, well, I could afford it Never pay for it, but I could explore it Have your tongue out and legs cocked open like Jordan She just wanna strip and make a million right? So she could get left right yg lyrics clean check amazon for Left Right mp3 download these lyrics are submitted by BURKUL4 these lyrics are last corrected by LEFT Right Songwriter(s): Dijon Isaiah Mcfarlane, Keenon Daquan Ray Jackson Official lyrics Nov 28, 2013  YG released this track as the second single to his debut album, My Krazy Life. A party banger placed right after I Just Wanna Party on the album. Genius. The music video (in which YG

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