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2020-02-18 07:22

Jan 28, 2016  It grew so popular that during the festive period it evolved to other slogans such as ziRight iBank accounts, because of course the high rollers were making sure that iGirlz were right all through the festive season and not giving any consideration to iRightness of iBank accounts. All these brands won the language challenge.Dec 08, 2015 Zise right i girls Ziselanton I girls ziright i girls This is the explaination of how it all started and where igirlz ziright

Woza 2016, ziright igirlz! ! ! [ Celebrate your festive @ METSING LOUNGE, for, the cheapest prices, the best entertainment, secure parking& gr8 DJs. Free entry, 7'days a week.

Dec 06, 2015 Zi right iGirls? promo video we had to use musa ngcobo to make sure Ziright iGirls# ZirightiGirls# iGirls. ZiRight iGirlz? ? Keep on askin' to 'em Ladies, (4x) Verse 2 Then at the morning my nigga got hangover& I start up my Gusheshe, And my friend is yellin' on the phone sayin' hey TearstaR Makusheshwe, I don't mind here my nigga but all I just want esoLova Makutheshwe, And 'em ladies must shake their bodies like yesterday iNiggas Zifetshe,igirlz ziright Nov 06, 2018 ZiRight iGirls Zinomoya iGirls Which One is the Best, Number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

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