Data protection act occupational health records

2020-02-23 01:24

Data Protection Act 1998 Health records are defined as: (a) consisting of information relating to the physical or mental health or condition of an individual and (b) which has been made by or on behalf of a health professional in connection with the care of an individual Must apply to OH records?Nov 01, 2012 Occupational health records should be stored in a secure system and the confidential information should only be accessible by staff within the occupational health department. An employee can make a data subject access request (DSAR) in order to obtain personal data held about them by their employer under s. 7 of the DPA, which can include data relating to their health or medical records. data protection act occupational health records

How to: Keep workers health records in line with Data Protection. The recommendation is that storage of the data has to be a single, possibly separate database from the normal HR database and that such records form a prescriptive, consistent approach to employee health or sickness absence management.

How can the answer be improved? DPA 1998 S2. In most cases occupational health data are sensitive personal data (sensitive personal data are a subset of personal data). Recommendation 2: Classify all occupational health records relating to individuals as sensitive personal data. 3 The Data Protection Principles DPA 1998 S4,data protection act occupational health records Under data protection legislation, health records are sensitive data . This is any information concerning the physical or mental health or condition of a job applicant or employee. For example, preemployment questionnaires, drug and alcohol test results, information about disabilities and any information that has been revealed through an occupational health examination.

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