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56 rows  N& W 620 remains in operation at the N. C. Transportation Museum. Originally in the blackClass A Description Manufacturer: Norfolk& Western Production era: 1930s 1950s Designed for power and low maintenance 43 produced Pulled freight and coal trains for the N& W between 1936 and 1959 During World War II, the Class As were used to move troops and equipment for the military. Speed: Up to 70 mph Regularly [ n&w steam roster

The 2882's were N& W's main stable of power in freight service during the late steam era. Thomas Dixon, Jr. notes in his book, Norfolk& Western Steam: The Last 30 Years, the railroad came to roster a total of 232 2882's ranging from Class Y1 through Y6b. They were the workhorse of freight operations and many, even the earlier classes

Jul 25, 2009 Norfolk& Western articulted locomotives hauling coal. This is from Pocahontas Glory Vol. 4 by Herron Rail Video. Check out Herron Rail Video: 52 rows  NoteY2 and Y2a classes had air pumps mounted on front of smokebox With 240 lbs.n&w steam roster Surviving N& W Steam Locomotives. N& W Passenger Cars. N& W Diesel Roster

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Site Design Tim Huemmer Photos respective authors: Contact: n&w steam roster The N& W files also contain a photo of the 1438 at Portsmouth shortly before its retirement, in full Z1b regalia. In his alltime N& W steam roster, Arthur Bixby shows 62 rows Norfolk& Western Alltime Steam Locomotive Roster I would like to thank the N& W Historical Society for helping me out considerably. Without their help, this roster would never have been possible. Mar 24, 2016 Purchase a complete DVD or BLURAY of this program at www. greenfrog. com The Golden Twilight of Postwar Steam Part5 Steam on the Norfolk& Western Railway ( ) (The Films of Frank W Built from N& W RSD12 255& 257: nee NKP RSD12 330& 332 RFE6Y were built from Wabash and Virginian H2466s 9900 (sn& , bd 5& 662)

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