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The edit area now has bottom and you can add the copyright notice there. After this setting, you can then right click the project and pick Generate Javadoc context menu to generate a new javadoc with the new copyright notice. As mentioned earlier, copyright notice is one kind of bottom text.Jan 27, 2017 Javadoc will only gather comments if they are directly before any declaration to be documented. package (other than in packageinfo. java) and import declarations are not documented anyway, so Javadoc will not look at the comment in either way. . As it doesn't matter for Javadoc, you can as well use the less heavy version. javadoc copyright header

Jun 25, 2008 Re: How best to include a copyright in JavaDoc? Jun 29, 2008 3: 10 AM ( in response to ) Your approach lets you choose which classes, interfaces and members are copyrighted, or apply different copyrights for different parts of the source code.

Hi guys, You probably won't believe this, but my current codebase doesn't have any Class headers that define all of the neccesary information about Java source file documentation header (Java in General forum at Coderanch) Aug 02, 2019 All Java files (and if possible other textbased files) must start with a header stating this and describing who owns the copyright, and optionally who contributed to the file (to comply with the Moral Rights of the Berne Convention).javadoc copyright header Javadoc is a great tool, and should be used with feelings of unbridled joy; ). A method header combined with its associated javadoc form the specification, or contract, of a method. If the caller fulfills the stated requirements, then the method undertakes to fulfill its stated promises.

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