How high above sea level are we right now

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Jan 17, 2011  Handy reference for finding height above sea level. I thought we might be somewhere between 10 and 20 meters above sea level, so the 14. 4 to 18 meter elevation for our block would fit my gut feeling. Even though 14. 4 m is the lowest elevation, the house is a good meter above the western boundary fence, so Id put it at 15 to 16 metersMauna Kea stands 10, 203 meters (33, 476 feet) high when measured from the ocean floor, but rises only 4, 207 meters (13, 803 feet) above sea level. Audience: Educator. Sea level is the base level for measuring elevation and depth on Earth. how high above sea level are we right now

How High Above Sea Level Is My House? The height above sea level is also referred to as elevation and can be found using an online source or phone app, an atlas or a topographic map. A site such as Veloroutes allows users to enter their address or city and find the elevation of their home.

'doesn't work for me. says houses are below sea level, i know for a fact my lot is 10 feet above' not for much longer On 6th June 2019 On 14th June 2019. Showing the most recent 20 out of 526 comments. Click to see all the comments. A recent article in the ReviewJournal discussed the decline of the Colorado River volume flow and it contained a picture of the bathtub ring at the Boulder Basin Las Vegas Boat Harbor at Lake Mead. Approximately how high above current water level is the top of that ring and how long ago was that height achieved? With that in mind, just how much water has Lake Mead lost?how high above sea level are we right now What is altitude? Altitude, or elevation which is often the preferred term in geography is the height above the sea level. So if you're standing on top of a mountain, your altitude is equal to the official height of that mountain. Please note that this website uses your geographical position (latlng) to look up the altitude in an external database.

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