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Builders' Forum Scroll to Last Comment Thinning Interlux Brightsides Paint Submitted by George K Mon, 6710 9: 06 PM. If you roll and tip you may have better luck without thinning. You really need to work fast, no more than an 18 24 section at a time.I have been using the Interlux brighside polyurethane paint for over twenty years and so I can't compare it to other urethane paints either one part or two part, but this is what I like about it: it has great flow out and produces a nice, very hard, high gloss finish whether you use a brush, sprayer or roll and tip interlux brightside roll and tip

A hard, highgloss topside finish, Brightside Polyurethane creates that sprayedon look when applied by brush in thin coats. It can be used anywhere above the true waterline, its easy to clean, resists staining and has great abrasion resistance.

Roll and Tip (Apply paint by roller to get uniform coverage; tip off with brush to eliminate roller marks. If you develop the knack, this can produce a finish with NO roller or brush marks, and certainly no mistakes that can be seen from more than 18 inches away. Jul 06, 2018 Interlux Brightside rolls and tips great. Just my experience from my F25C and H17s, once you tip, DO NOT go back over with a roller or retip as it will catch leaving imperfect finish. My finish iswas indistinguishable from sprayed Awlgrip.interlux brightside roll and tip May 25, 2012  Re: Roll and Tip Interlux Brightside Paint This I did with roll and roll. I used 2 high dens foam rollers 6 . I would roll the paint on about 2 or 3 sq ft thin coat then the other roller get it wet then squeeze out most all of paint. Roll over the paint with light strokes just work it

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Jul 02, 2014 Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows us his tips and tricks for rolling and tipping topside paint. Visit Jamestown Distributors for TotalBoat Wet Edge http: ww interlux brightside roll and tip

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