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2020-02-18 15:16

Between 1788 and 1842 about 80, 000 convicts were transported to New South Wales. Of these, approximately 85 were men and 15 were women. Almost two thirds of convicts were English (along with a small number of Scottish and Welsh), with the Irish making up the remaining one third.The New South Wales State Archives collection is a unique and irreplaceable part of our Australian cultural Convict Indents list the convicts transported to NSW. We manage the archives collection, provide advice on the recordkeeping rules in the public sector, and provide a records repository for government. Reading Room: 161 O'Connell convict records new south wales

About New South Wales, Australia, Convict Records, . About this collection. This collection includes a variety of records related to convicts in New South Wales. See the browse menu for a list of the available titles, arranged by category. The historical background in this description was taken from the website of the State Records

Welcome to Convict Records. This website allows you to search the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between. Information available includes name of convict, known aliases, place convicted, port of departure, date of departure, port of arrival, and the source of the data. convict records new south wales

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