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Campaign Finance Database Contributions Records. This information is being provided as a convenience to the public. It has been processed by the Division of Elections and should be cross referenced with the original report on file with the Division of Elections in case of questions.We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. public records political contributions

The answer to this is: How Small& How Honest? If you donate less than 200 during a cycle (Primary, General, Special) then the committee you donate to is not required to report your donation, however they are required to make best efforts to r

Jun 04, 2019 Welcome to the Political Organization Filing and Disclosure Website. On this site, you can electronically file, as well as search for and view submitted forms (both paper and electronic filings): . Form 8871, Political Organization Notice of Section 527 Status Form 8872, Political Organization Report of Contributions and Expenditures Reports that candidates and organizations file with the FEC become public documents and are maintained at the commissions public records office in Washington, D. C. All reports are first analyzed to ensure compliance with election finance law, then are placed in the library for public use within 48 hours of receiving the documents.public records political contributions Contribution Search (Advanced Search); Enter your search criteria below and click the 'Search' button to query the database for contribution records.

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A new UnionTribune analysis of public disclosures related to Ricardo Lara's successful campaign for state insurance commissioner shows that he accepted more donations from interested parties than public records political contributions When searching the database for contributions to either of these offices, please choose slate for your office search criteria. Original election finance statements, including itemized expenditure data, are available for public inspection at the offices of the Registry during regular business hours. This database includes Federal Election Commission records of receipts from all individuals who contribute at least 200 (smaller contributions are not part of the public record). Bear in mind that contributions to politicians can also be made through Political Action Committees. Campaign Finance Numbers. In 2008, candidates for office, political parties, and independent groups spent a total of 5. 3 billion on federal elections. The amount spent on the presidential race alone was 2. 4 billion, and over 1 billion of that was spent by the campaigns of the two major candidates: Barack Obama spent 730 million in his election campaign, and John McCain spent 333 million. How to research public records Individual Contributions; Individual Contributions. The Commission maintains a database of individuals who have made contributions to political committees. For 1977 to 1988, contributions of 500 or more were entered. For 1989 to the present, contributions of

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