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Mar 03, 2015  Mans first date in 18 years goes spectacularly wrong at comedy gig Comedian Richard Herring admits he probably ruined the mans chances after his date walked out after two minutesApr 28, 2016 I Don't Need A Receipt, Chaz. Richard is still recovering from his important educational work on International Women's Day, but luckily he isn't going to be taxed by having to speak very much richard herring peter kay

Its the kind of material that is often associated with Peter Kay, though his TV work has shown he is capable of much more than that and his enjoyable Comic Relief videos (though accidentally packed with sex offenders) are a quite enjoyable way of presenting that kind of comedy.

Richard Herring Happy Now? comedy; Or does responsibility for the lives of others come with its own terrors? In his twelfth solo stand up show, Richard examines whether we are, can ever hope to be, or are meant to be truly content. medium and psychic from Peter Kays smash hit Channel 4 TV show Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights. Now, some Jun 24, 2011 Taken from Herring's live show AIOTM Series1Episode7 Richard discusses Peter Kay's charity plugs in his usual sharp, verbose and misanthropic manner. All content was written and produced byrichard herring peter kay Mar 11, 2015 Richard Herring: Garlic bread jokes on a postcard. Richard Herring Wednesday 11 Mar 2015 10: 25 am. I think the main problem there is that Peter Kay might sue me for nicking his material

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Jan 18, 2013  Richard Herring: This is why Ill never be Peter Kay. Richard Herring Friday 18 Jan 2013 7: 00 am. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger. richard herring peter kay Apr 20, 2012 So Peter Kay does charity work, but it seems it is only ever high profile stuff that he can use to boost his own reputation. The majority of other touring comedians do a regular circuit of untelevised charity benefits and fundraisers. Richard Herring lugs a Scope collection bucket with him everywhere he goes.

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