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The New York Department of Corrections offers an online searchable database, whereby inmate searches can be performed by name, birth year, or department inmate number. The records produced include full name, custody status, location, offense, and length of sentence.Access to criminal history records for employment or licensing is only permitted if there is a state law, federal law, or local law of a New York State village, town, city or county that specifically authorizes a fingerprintbased criminal history record check for employment or licensure. ny department of corrections records

Locate an inmate in a New York State prison (NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision) Locate an inmate in a county jail in New York (Outside of New York City) Locate an inmate in facility in New York City (NYC Department of Corrections serves Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens or Richmond counties)

The New York State Archives holds records relating to thousands of past inmates of New York State prisons. These records take the form of admission and discharge registers, summary cards, and inmate case files. Most of the records are not indexed by inmate name; they are arranged by inmate identification number, which corresponds roughly to the date the inmate was admitted to prison. Inmate Lookup. Find the current location of an inmate in DOC custody, along with basic case information. Look Up Inmate. Note: Not for inmates in police, state, or federal custody.ny department of corrections records Records Available: New York inmate lookup can be done by the public, but will not return inmate records on juveniles, previously incarcerated nonviolent offenders and those who had a conviction set aside. Otherwise, inmate records will include name, gender, date of birth, race, custody status, incarceration location, date incarcerated,

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Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. About DOCCS. DOCCS Home Page; (Department ID Number, format 99A9999, example 95A (For Criminal Justice Use Only; New York State ID Number) For comments or questions about the inmate lookup capability, please visit the Contact Us page. Department of Corrections and Community ny department of corrections records Requesting Inmate Location information by telephone. For information on the location of a NYS prison inmate, call during normal business hours. (Due to the large volume of requests, callers may experience slight delays. ) Before contacting us by telephone, you may want to utilize the Inmate Lookup listed above to obtain available information regarding inmates. The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision or NYSDOCCS in short is the main New York State agency that is responsible for the care, detention and rehabilitation of 63, 000 inmates inside the 61 correctional facilities that are receiving funds from the State. There are around 31, 300 workers Obtaining New York State Prison Records in One Step Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco First Name: starts with is exactly Middle Initial Last Name starts with Data presented here comes from the New York State Department of Correctional Services website. Commerical use of this search information is prohibited. The information shall not be distributed by the user of this search in any form. For additional information, contact the Westchester County Department of Correction at (914). System response times may vary depending on network traffic.

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