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Complying with Medicare Signature Requirements MLN Fact Sheet Page 4 of 5 ICN May 2018 Do my signatures need to be dated? Documentation must contain enough information to determine the date when the service was performed or ordered. If the entries immediately above and below an undated entry are dated, medical reviewLegal Medical Record Standards Policy No. 9420. LEGAL MEDICAL RECORD STANDARDS. PURPOSE. To establish guidelines for the contents, maintenance, and confidentiality of patient Medical Records that meet the requirements set forth in federal and State laws and regulations, and to in lieu of a medical staff members signature, medical records signature guidelines

Medicare Signature Requirements. The purpose of a practitioners signature in patients medical records, operative reports, orders, test findings, etc. , is to demonstrate the services have been accurately and fully documented, reviewed and authenticated.

CMS guidelines mandate the presence of signatures for 'medical review' purposes. However, records pertaining to any procedures billed to Medicare are potentially subject to review by not only Palmetto GBA, but other CMS contractors. Frequently Asked Questions: Signature Requirements. Change Request (CR) 6698 Signature Guidelines for Medical Review Purposes Cahaba GBA encourages providers to include credentials with signatures in the medical record to identify the practitioner performing the service. If the signature and credentials are illegible, a signaturemedical records signature guidelines State Regulations Pertaining to Clinical Records. Note: This document is arranged alphabetically by State. A record may be authenticated by a signature stamp or computer key instead of the treating practitioner's signatur e A medical record is available to staff, physicians, and physic ians' designees authorized by nursing

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CMS Signature Requirements For medical review purposes, Medicare requires that services providedordered be authenticated by the author. The method used shall be a hand written or an electronic signature. Stamp signatures are not acceptable. Handwritten Signature medical records signature guidelines Dec 29, 2018  CMS Medical Record Documentation Guidelines 2019. PDF download: Complying With Medical Record Documentation CMS. gov. Complying With Medical Record Documentation Requirements. ICN April 2017. Page 2 of 7. This fact sheet was developed by the Medicare Learning Complying with Medicare Signature Requirements CMS. gov Unauthenticated medical records (for example, no provider signature, no supervising signature, illegible signatures without a signature log or attestation to identify the signer, an electronic signature without the electronic record protocol or policy that documents the process for electronic signatures) Physician Signature Requirements for Medical Record Documentation. First Coast Service Options May 13, 2019 Page 2 of 13 Authentication Methods. For medical review purposes, Medicare requires that services providedordered be authenticated in the medical record.

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