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They set a model called The Triangle of Meaning for better understanding how language works and basically it is a theory of signs. The triangle is meant to show the words relationship between thoughts and things. The Semantic Triangle shows the direct relationship between Words& Thoughts and Thoughts& Thing.Though the focus of this paper is Ogden and Richards theory on symbolic meaning, particularly the Semantic Triangle, it is important to possess a basic understanding of the theories surrounding it in order to better understand how they fit together and enable the Semantic Triangle to function. semantic triangle richards

The triangle of reference (also known as the triangle of meaning and the semiotic triangle) is a model of how linguistic symbols are related to the objects they represent. The triangle was published in The Meaning of Meaning (1923) by Ogden and Richards.

At the heart of Richards' theory of meaning is a device called the semantic triangle. Each corner of the triangle corresponds to a component that is integrally involved in the process of meaning. REFERENCE indicates the realm of memory where recollections of past experiences and contexts occur. The semantic triangle. I. A. Richards and C. K. Ogden created the semantic triangle to deliver improved understanding to how words come to mean. The semantic triangle has three parts, the symbol or word, the referent, and the thought or reference. In the bottom, right corner is the Referent, the thing, in reality,semantic triangle richards Jul 09, 2018  Englishmen Charles Kay Ogden and Ivor Armstrong Richards wrote the book The Meaning of Meaning: A Study of the Influence of Language upon Thought and of the Science of Symbolism (1923), and the semantic triangle was the means they used to explain that understanding comes from within the people rather than from the words they just interpret or, as the saying goes, words dont

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