Toyota camry high mileage records

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Aug 23, 2004 Some pretty impressive mileage on that site Only know of one Toyota that's above the 200k mark, a mk1 MR2 owned by a member of IMOC and it still does regular track days. I know people say that you have to look after you car to get the high mileage but to have a car that will still do track days after 200k is not bad going at all.Apr 07, 2018  Generally, 15, 000 miles a year is considered an average number of miles per year. So a car that is 5 years old would have about 75, 000 miles to be considered average. . Anything significantly more, and a car is considered to be high mileage. . Anything significantly less, and it's a low mileage toyota camry high mileage records

Nov 27, 2017 High mileage vehicles are the story of my life haha. The 92 Camry that my brothers and I drove through high school finally was wrecked at 370K on the odometer. My dad had a 96 with 250K on his and my first car was an 86 with 250K when it finally died. On the 92 the only major maintenance done was a transmission and that was precautionary.

Jul 03, 2016 High mileage Camry. However starting around 150k miles7 years it needed a new radiator, brake booster, clutch master cylinder, CV boots, brake drums, and was in dire need of new struts which were quite pricey. Also many components of the exhaust failed beyond the simple muffler. The steering rack started to leak around 210k miles. Jul 07, 2011 Every Camry has a story. Tell us yours! By submitting a story, photo or video, I hereby grant Toyota a worldwide, nonexclusive, royaltyfree, irrevocable license to use such materials, my username, profile picture, story location and story date in all media whatsoever, now known or hereafter developed, without limitation as to geographictoyota camry high mileage records Thanks to improvements in automotive quality, highmileage cars have become the rule, not the exception. In fact, our data shows that the average odometer reading in the U. S. is currently around 95, 000 miles. Additionally, nearly 118 million cars on our roadways have more than 100, 000 miles

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With your Toyota? s service history online at Toyota Owners, you can keep track of your vehicle? s service records, schedule service and get appointment reminders. toyota camry high mileage records May 30, 2012 Here's Why the 90's Toyota Camry Live Forever Duration: 7: 36. Hoovies Garage 1, 135, 028 views 200, 000 Miles is the New Black: A Quick Look at 5 HighMileage Toyotas Those who say Nothing runs like a Chevy probably haven't had the pleasure of driving a Toyota for a prolonged period of time. But those who have taken a Toyota over the 100k or 200k mark 2012 Toyota Camry owned by (asked to stay anonymous) Miles: 243, 456 Drivetrain: I46 Speed AT Major repairs: Torque Converter: which I feel it doesnt really count since Toyota had warranty recall on it. Anything else is a NONE! ! Aug 29, 2006 Best Answer: I used to work for a toyota dealership. I don't know what the very highest is, but I have personally seen one with 365k miles. It was an '85 and still ran great (of course, the owners took great care of it, too).

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