What does a bright line spectrum uniquely identify

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The spectrum of light released from excited atoms of an element (each element has a unique one) bright line spectrum created when electrons emit light energy and the light passes through a prismOct 13, 2018 Google: When atoms are excited they emit light of certain wavelengths which correspond to different colors. The emitted light can be observed as a series of colored lines with dark spaces in between; this series of colored lines is called a line o what does a bright line spectrum uniquely identify

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Jun 17, 2019 The light emitted by hydrogen atoms is red because, of its four characteristic lines, the most intense line in its spectrum is in the red portion of the visible spectrum, at 656 nm. With sodium, however, we observe a yellow color because the most intense lines in its spectrum are in the yellow portion of the spectrum, at about 589 nm. The atomic line spectrum comes from the emission of atoms of different elements that are in an excited state. Each element has its own unique atomic emission spectrum.what does a bright line spectrum uniquely identify Full Answer. However, the University of Colorado indicates that the heated gases give off light in specific wavelengths that are responsible for the bright line spectra. Each material gives off a spectrum so unique in nature, it allows the scientist to identify the gas he is heating through the science of spectroscopy.

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Each natural element has a characteristic light spectrum that helps identify it in samples of unknown substances. Spectroscopy is the practice of examining spectra and comparing them to those of known elements. Using spectroscopy methods, scientists can identify pure substances or compounds and the elements in them. what does a bright line spectrum uniquely identify Aug 29, 2007  Best Answer: The bright line spectrum comes from emission of light from excited states of the atom. Each atom has electron levels . These levels are different for the different atoms, like a fingerprint. In a hot gas, some of the atoms are in

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