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The Moral Majority was a conservative Christian coalition organized in 1979 by Rev. Jerry Falwell. Its mailing lists reached 100, 000 clergy representing over 7 million conservative religious Americans. The Moral Majority, part of the Religious Right and partially responsible for moving the Republican Party to the right, organized a series of voting drives and political demonstrations to advanceEstablishment and organizational activity. Virginia has been a seat of Christian Right politics, being the state where the Christian Coalition 's first headquarters were established. Falwell was at the head of the Moral Majority and maintained an advisory board, constituting the organization's primary leadership. new right conservative coalition moral majority

Televangelist Jerry Falwell formed the organization known as the (a) New Right (b) Moral Majority (c) conservative coalition.

Jun 10, 2009  While the New Rights Moral Majority was relatively shortlived, lasting only until 1989, it soon gave way to Pat Robertsons Christian Coalition, todays Family Research Council, and other Christian political groups, as well as the GOP s decadeslong habit of at least paying lip service to social conservatism (while mostly advancing their economic agenda). Enter the New Right. The New Right was a combination of Christian religious leaders, conservative business bigwigs who claimed that environmental and labor regulations were undermining the competitiveness of American firms in the global market, and fringe political groups. There was nothing new about political and economic right conservative coalition moral majority Moral Majority. Background: Although generally considered a fundamentalist Christian organization, the Moral Majority was created in 1979 by the wizards of the New Right, Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich and Howard Phillips. The goal of the Moral Majority was to politicize and

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In Australia the 'New Right' refers to a late 1970s1980s onward movement both within and outside of the LiberalNational Coalition which advocates economically liberal and increased socially conservative policies (as opposed to the 'old right' which advocated economically conservative policies and smalll liberals The Moral Majority was a new right conservative coalition moral majority U. S. History CHAPTER 25. His extremely Christian and conservative remarks are sometimes seen as controversial. A television evangelist who organized the Christian Coalition to replace Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority as the flagship organization of the resurgent religious right. One of the most politically effective groups in the early 1980s, the Moral Majority, was led by a Baptist minister, Jerry Falwell. Another, led by the Reverend Pat Robertson, built an organization, the Christian Coalition, that by the 1990s was a significant force in the Republican Party.

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