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Contents A Note About This Story 4 The People In This Story 5 The Places In This Story 6 1 A Man in a Hurry 7 2 At the Frontier 9 3 Strange Meeting 13 4 A Narrow Escape 14 5 A Night in Darna 17 6 On the Terrace 20 7 Keeping an Appointment 23 8 Inspector Roland 27 9 The Photograph 29 10 Room 304 33 11 Return Journey 37 12 Ambush 39 13 Another Journey 42 14 Ezras Place 46Name of the book: The Smuggler Writer of the book: Piers Plowright Illustrator: Clifford Bayly Chapters: 21 Pages of the book: 68 Summary. Harker is in his hut when the phone rings. Its Ezra. Ezra is talking about something but Harker doesnt understand him. He writes a poem to John Samuel Fame. the smuggler piers plowright boekverslag

S5 Piers Plowright The Smuggler. Topics S5 Piers Plowright The Smuggler. S5 Piers Plowright The Smuggler T10: 45: 37Z Identifier Scanner. Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader. pluscircle

Instellingen aanpassen Akkoord Door Scholieren. com te bezoeken geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies. Ben je onder de 16? Zorg dan dat je toestemming van je ouders hebt om onze site te bezoeken. Lees meer over je privacy (voor het laatst bijgewerkt op same men who tried to shoot me. He doesnt understand the poem yet. Harker was a rich smuggler and he was Fame's boss. He calls Zara and tells her that Harker is dead. He ask her if she want to have a appointment with him. After the phone call, he hears on the radio that a golden head is stolen out of the museum and inspector Roland is searching for it.the smuggler piers plowright boekverslag Dec 15, 2008 The Smuggler By Piers Plowright PT. Dian Rakyat Jakarta, 2003 Characters 1. John Samuel Fame. 2. Inspector Roland. 3. Ezra. 4. Zara. 5. Don. Summary The golden head of Pharaoh Chefren IV, which was stolen from the Darna Municipal Museum, was still missing.

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