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Unauthorized Disposition of Federal Records. The unauthorized disposition case file contains more information including the communications between NARA and the agency. If you would like more information on a case, please contact the NARA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office to file a FOIA request for the case information.Jul 17, 2018 Page 1 of 2 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) IN THE COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS COUNTY OF )) ORDER FOR DESTRUCTION OF ARREST RECORDS THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) ) Race Sex Age v. ) DOB SSN )) SID# ) Defendant ) Charges were disposed of in the court indicated below: ) ) Magistrate Municipal General Sessions AKA ) IT APPEARS that the defendant is entitled order for destruction of records

records constitute such a menace, a request shall be made for its emergency destruction to CMC (ARDB) via the records;

Oct 09, 2009  What is a destruction order? I got a DUI in 2005 and plead guilty. I was fined, put on reporting probation, and my license was revoked. I only paid some of How can the answer be improved?order for destruction of records Department of navy records. True or false. Commanding officers may order the emergency destruction of records without regard to statutory and regulatory requirements under two, specified Emergeny situations 1) when a state of war exist or is threatened or 2) when records menace property, health or life.

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The destruction of records. May be performed in the regular course of business following a specified retention period The health record is defined as the record generated at or by the health care provider or organization, which documents treatments and services delivered during the patient's episode of care by the provider or order for destruction of records The items of classified material destroyed 4. The method of destruction Additionally, write a statement describing the character of the records and when and where the destruction was accomplished. Submit the state ment to the Commander, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command, within 6 months after destruction.

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