World records for pokemon games

2020-02-26 21:28

Dec 27, 2017 The History of Rainbow Road World Records Duration: 47: 05. Summoning Salt 2, 100, 706 views29 Records Found. Dylan Moloney named 44 Pokemon characters in 30 seconds. world records for pokemon games

37 rows World Records. The run must be played on an official console platform which is not explicitly banned for that particular category. The run must be presented in a single video from start to finish. There is one exception to the above: Any run video which is in exactly two parts due to Twitch activating quality options on the (nonpartnered)

Jan 17, 2009 Best selling RPG on the Game Boy Advance: Pokemon RubySapphire Best selling game, period, on the GBA. : In fact, the franchise has the three best selling games on the GBA. world records for pokemon games

World records for pokemon games free

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