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Jun 29, 2016 To challenge the record for the Most barefoot water skiing tumble turns in one minute you would need a pretty strong stomach, as Greg Sample from the USA completed a dizzying 33 full 360 revolutions during a recent attempt in Alva, Florida which was filmed by Guinness World Records.4 days ago  Janesvilles Rock Aqua Jays show ski team failed in its attempt at a Guinness World Record for biggest barefoot skiing human pyramid Saturday morning at Traxler Park. But it wasnt for lack of barefoot water skiing records

is a site dedicated to promote the sport of Barefoot Waterskiing. This site includes many links to explain the different types of barefoot waterskiing, from threeeven, endurance, speed, as well as figure 8. The site contains free biography listings, discussion groups, newsletters, plus links to all the main Barefoot Waterskiing sites for rules, tournament

Barefoot skiing is water skiing behind a motorboat without the use of water skis, commonly referred to as barefooting . Barefooting requires the skier to travel at higher speeds than conventional water skiing (3045mph5070kmh). The necessary speed required to keep the skier upright varies by the weight of the barefooter and can be approximated by the following formula: (W 10) 20, where BAREFOOT WATER SKI RECORDS Please note that applications have been submitted to Guinness World Records for new categories of water ski records. There is no guarantee that these will be approved for attempts at COR. Record attempts are subject to change based on weather conditions and skibarefoot water skiing records Jul 03, 2014 My entry for round 1 of the Barefoot Central Freestyle Challenge 2014. Video shot on a GoPro Hero 2 using UKPro gear. Visit BarefootCentral. info for more videos! Thanks to my sponsors: Barefoot

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History of barefoot waterski jumping. As with many water sports, the history of barefoot water ski jumping is a bit sketchy until the mid 70s. Water ski historians such as Zenon Bilas were unable to discover exactly who was the first jumper, when he jumped and why on barefoot water skiing records Apr 05, 2017 Barefoot Water Skiing in the Guinness Book of World Records holds the world record for the most barefoot water skiing tumble turns over a 60 second period, as confirmed by Guinness World The highest barefoot water skiing speed recorded by a male is 218. 44 kmh (135. 74 mph) by Scott Michael Pellaton over a quartermile course at Chandler, Arizona, California, USA in November 1989. All records listed on our website are current and uptodate. For a full list of record titles, please use our Record Application Search. Aug 22, 2019  Flipping Footers Flying High in Wisconsin Dairyland, Day One of 2019 Barefoot Nationals; Pan Am Barefoot Championship arrive in Mexico November 1& 2, 2019! Check out the latest news! South Central Region Shreds It At the Blue Mile; Matt Shatek turns barefooting upside down setting a pending Guinness World Record for water skiing on his hands The 42nd Barefoot Water Ski National Championships are set for Aug. 2224 at the Blue Moo in Alma Center, Wis. , but the water will really heat up on Aug. 25! For the first time in more than a decade, the American Barefoot Club's Team Select Committee will hold a team trials for the 2020 U. S. Elite, Senior and Junior Barefoot Teams.

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