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Feb 21, 2013 From what I've read, the blooming and brittling is risked by using any of the Retrobrite recipes. Other than the use of the OxyClean as a catalyst, all the other things seem to do is make it a gel. I was not interested in using a gel. I wanted to completely submerge my console, the logic being that it would be more evenly covered.Jul 31, 2012 U need oxyclean, peroxide, cornstarch. 12 cup of peroxide pour it in the bowl then get a tablespoon of cornstarch and mix it until it dissolves. Then microwave for 45 secs. Mix it until it all retr0bright recipe

There's two types of recipe's for creating a batch of Retr0bright: Liquid vs gel. The liquid mixture is easiest to make, but less costeffective, as it requires you to submerge the components entirely into the liquid. Seeing as how the hydrogen peroxide is fairly difficult to get from stores in anything over 5, chances are youll need to get it from a pharmacy, in advance.

Jul 22, 2014 I could have mixed up a batch of Retr0bright to fix it, but I decided to embark on a science experiment to see if the full recipe was actually necessary. Follow me on Twitter! @thisdoesnotcomp Jun 13, 2009 HOW TO MAKE THE LIQUID VERSION. It's basically the same as the gel recipe, sans the corn starch. For each 50ml of 3 hydrogen peroxide (H202), add 14 teaspoon OxiClean. Or saying it another way, for each 1. 0L of H202, add 5 teaspoons OxiClean. The amount of OxiClean you need to add is not an exact science.retr0bright recipe Oct 24, 2013  Merlins Original Recipe The original magical Retr0bright gel mixture that was found to work is: 1 pint (500ml) Hydrogen Peroxide, 10 to 15 strength (40 vol) (available from hairdressers supplies, e. g. the Sally Beauty franchise in the UK)

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Merlin's Original Recipe The original magical Retr0bright gel mixture that was found to work is: 1 pint (500ml) Hydrogen Peroxide, 10 to 15 strength (40 vol) (available from hairdressers' supplies, e. g. the 'Sally Beauty' franchise in the UK) 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of Xanthan Gum retr0bright recipe I recently came across the need to clean a Gameboy case which was extremely yellowed in some parts. After some research online I found a product called Retrobright and a very interesting article in their site explaining what basically is made of and how they came with that idea. Very interesting stuff. how to make a homemade furniture dusting spray, cleaning tips, go green, Sometimes I put the recipes for my homemade cleaners right on my labels to make life easier homemade furniture dusting spray so easy and smells so clean and fresh 1 cups water cup white vinegar 2 Jul 31, 2015  How to Use Retr0bright to Deyellow Old Plastic. Xanthan Gum [white bag, 2nd from the left a product made with bacteria used to thicken foods. It's a pale white powder, and can be found in Bulk Barn or any health food shop. Try the gluten free section! cornstarch another product made out Merlin's Original Recipe. Mix on high speed for 5 seconds. Add the Glycerine and mix for a further 5 seconds. Let the mixture rest for a minute then mix again for 5 seconds. A smooth, nondrip gel should have formed. This gel can be put into a dark coloured jar

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