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It travels through the parametrium of the inferior broad ligament of the uterus. It commonly anastomoses (connects with) the ovarian artery. The uterine artery is the major blood supply to the uterus and enlarges significantly during pregnancy.The pulsatility index (PI) for each uterine artery was obtained by averaging the value of three consecutive waveforms. Next, the mean PI from the left and right uterine arteries was calculated. If the mean PI was more than 1. 45, the flow velocity waveforms were considered abnormal. right uterine pi

Jan 16, 2015  Median (95 CI) uterine artery pulsatility index (UtAPI) multiples of the median (MoM) according to gestational age (GA), derived from the model in nulliparous women and in parous women with and without prior history of preeclampsia (PE) in pregnancies unaffected by PE (a) and those that developed PE (b).

To establish reference values for the firsttrimester uterine artery (UtA) pulsatility index (PI) and to investigate the role of UtA Doppler in the early prediction of hypertensive disorders and their associated complications in an unselected Mediterranean population. The uterine arteries provide blood to the uterus. Two arteries are present, one on the left and one on the right side of the uterus. Blood from the uterine arteries supplies blood to the muscles of the uterusright uterine pi The uterine artery PI is considered to be increased if it is above the 90th centile. In normal pregnancy the uterine artery PI decreases with fetal crownrump length and maternal weight, and it is increased in women of African racial origin.

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screening; uterine artery Doppler ABSTRACT Objective To dene the contribution of maternal variables that inuence the measured uterine artery pulsatility index (UtAPI) in screening for pregnancy complications. Methods Maternal characteristics and medical history were recorded, and UtAPI was measured, in women with right uterine pi High Resistance in uterine arteries: I'm in 20th week of pregnancy, and during anomaly scan, although the baby appeared fine, radiologist noted that there's higher than normal resistance in both uterine arteries. She also suggested having doppler scan in 10 days. My ObGyn did not seem much bothered by this. She has prescribed ecosprine 75 till 32 weeks. May 06, 2008 Scatterplot of the mean uterine artery pulsatility index (PI) measured by transvaginal ( ) and transabdominal ( ) ultrasound examination vs. gestational age in our population. Estimated 5 th, 50 th and 95 th centiles are shown.

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