My stool has bright red blood

2020-02-28 18:07

How can the answer be improved?Blood in Stools and Hemorrhoids. Bright blood in stool is often caused by inflammation of the veins inside or at the anal sphincter. This causes pain and itching at the anal region and often results in release of blood with stools. The condition leads to protrusion of rectum through the excretory opening. my stool has bright red blood

Bright Red Blood in Cat Stool. Blood in cat stool that is fresh, bright red, and relatively liquid is called hematochezia. It is usually caused by bleeding in the colon or rectum. One occurrence of hematochezia may not be a problem, but if more than one episode occurs, you should take your pet to the doctor.

Rectal bleeding usually is seen as bright red blood on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl. It can also show up as dark stools. All cases of rectal bleeding should be reported to your primary care doctor, even though many causes are not serious. At other times it may visible on toilet tissue or in the toilet after a bowel movement as bright red blood. Bleeding that happens higher up in the digestive tract may make stool appear black andmy stool has bright red blood Jan 24, 2019  The color of blood in the stool can be: bright red, maroon, yellow, white, green, black and tarry, or; not visible to the naked eye (occult). Causes of blood in stool range from harmless, annoying conditions of the gastrointestinal tract such as hemorrhoids or anal

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