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Legal Rights for Pregnant Workers under Federal Law If you are pregnant, have been pregnant, or may become pregnant, and if your employer has 15 or more employees, you are protected against pregnancybased discrimination and harassment at work under federal law.Employee rights, entitlements and pay; Employee rights, entitlements and pay. Leave entitlements. All employees are entitled to leave. Check what sort of leave, and how much youre allowed to take. Find out what workers' compensation is, and how to make a claim in Queensland if you're injured at work. Redundancy. Has your position been pregnancy rights at work qld

NZ Human Rights Commission Accessible HTML Document Your rights as a pregnant worker What is pregnancy discrimination? Do I get paid leave from work? The law. Pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination under the Human Rights Act. It may be unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee or a job applicant because

These Pregnancy Guidelines clarify many of the issues surrounding pregnancy and work. While pregnancy is a normal, healthy physical condition that many women experience, at work there are a number of antidiscrimination, industrial relations and occupational health Oct 31, 2014 News 31 October 2014 Resources for Supporting Working Parents Project The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has funded the Australian Human Rights Commission to develop resources for employers and employees on obligations, rights and entitlements in relation to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work in the workplace.pregnancy rights at work qld Know your pregnancy rights. Women are protected under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. It says that businesses with at least 15 employees must treat women who are pregnant in the same manner as other job applicants or employees with similar abilities or limitations. The Family and Medical Leave Act also protects the jobs

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Discuss with your employer any changes that need to be made so you can work safely during your pregnancy. Common ways to accommodate pregnant employees include more breaks, different start and finish times, provision of a car space, ensuring employees can have toilet breaks as needed and a chair to sit on if the job usually involves standing up for long periods of time. pregnancy rights at work qld Pregnant employees' rights. protection against unfair treatment, discrimination or dismissal Antenatal care isnt just medical appointments it can also include antenatal or parenting classes if theyve been recommended by a doctor or midwife. Employers cant change a pregnant employees contract terms and conditions without agreement Pregnancy and work: your rights. If youre employed in Australia, the law protects you against discrimination. According to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, the Fair Work Act 2009 and other state and territory laws, you cant be treated unfairly because youre pregnant. For example, you cant be dismissed (sacked), made to work fewer hours, given less important work or overlooked for promotion or training. A pregnant employee who is eligible for unpaid parental leave can take unpaid special maternity leave if: she has a pregnancyrelated illness or; her pregnancy ends after 12 weeks because of a miscarriage, termination or stillbirth. Pregnancy Rights In The Workplace by Samantha Shelley While you're pregnant, its important to be aware of your rights as a working woman, whether youre trying to get a job or keep your existing one.

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