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How can the answer be improved?Jul 13, 2019 Headache at the back of your head cause 2. It can also be caused by your levator scapule muscle. This muscles runs from your shoulder blade to the side of your neck. When this muscle is tens, it can cause radiating pain to the back of your head. Now, this pain is more at one side then when the cause is your neck itself. headache back right hand side of head

Tension Headaches. Tension headaches can cause pain on the right side of the head. Tension headaches, also known as tensiontype headaches within the medical community, are the most common kind of headache, although the exact cause of tension headaches is unclear. Tension headaches are characterized by general, low to mediumintensity head pain.

Look for medical attention right away if you experience a headache following an injury, or have a headache in addition to any of the following symptoms: double vision. slurred symptoms. fever. stiff neck. weakness. vision loss. pain near your temples. increasing pain when moving or coughing. Aug 25, 2019 A common symptom of tension headaches is achy, dull pain, a feeling of pressure in the head, tightness on forehead, side of the head, or back of the head. Tension headache can also cause tenderness of your shoulder muscles or scalp.headache back right hand side of head For over a month now, I've had an infrequent throbbing pain& pressure on the right side of head. It appears randomly, and occurs much more frequently when I'm stressed. Although, when I feel fine it will still appear, just not as frequently. It's always on the right side of my head, near the top but will occasionally be at the back of my head too.

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Feb 11, 2009 I have been experiencing a pain in the back of my head on the lower right hand side, i was wondering if this could be because of something to do with my neck rather than a headache, because my head doesnt tend to throb or anything? I have had this now onoff for about a week, thanks. John Kenyon, CNA Wed Feb 11, 2009 11: 14 pm headache back right hand side of head Cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are often painful and involve only one side of your head. You may also experience restlessness, pale or flushed skin, redness of the affected eye, and a runny nose on the affected side of your face. Feels like: Intense pain, especially eye pain involving only one eye and radiating to areas of your neck, Headaches on the Right Side of the Head. Almost 90 of all headaches are tension headaches caused by stress, sickness or distress in the muscles because you are taking a certain position for a period of time. You can have a headache on different locations in your head. You can have a headache right side of your head or on the back side of your head.

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