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When searching either the current or past prison population in Deer Lodge County, there are commercial websites that have pulled together information from many different sources throughout the state of Montana and even from the rest of the US. This can be helpful if you are not sure what kind of facility they are being held in and where.Stout iron bars slammed shut and locked for the first time on July 2, 1871. On that day, Montanas Territorial Prison in Deer Lodge incarcerated its first occupant. Guards no longer occupy the turrets set in each corner of the The Wall. The thud of heavy footsteps marching along the topmost barbedwire enclosed walkway is no longer heard. deer lodge montana prison roster

Montana State Prison Montana State Prison is located in Deer Lodge Montana. The prison can house up to 1, 495 adult male inmates. This facility is responsible for six custody levels, minimum I, minimum II, medium I, medium II, maximum and closed custody. Offenders are housed in one of three compounds depending on their security level.

Aug 07, 2019 Complex includes access to The Old Montana Prison, which was used until 1979. The Montana Auto Museum which houses over 160 vehicles, Yesterdays Playthings displaying Toys from the Last 100 years, all of which I toured and enjoyed. AnacondaDeer Lodge County Detention is located in Anaconda MT and is medium security jail for county inmates. Save 74 off Securus inmate calling (12. 09 to 3. 14). Search inmates. Visitation call get visiting hours, rules and dress code, get directions todeer lodge montana prison roster Jul 26, 2019 MT DOC Montana State Prison is located in Deer Lodge, MT and is a State Prison facility which is custody rated State medium. Find inmate phone service discounts, arrest records, inmate search, visitation call. Get directions to 400 Conley Lake Rd, visiting hours, rules and dress code are posted.

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The Montana State Prison is a men's correctional facility of the Montana Department of Corrections in unincorporated Powell County, Montana, about 3. 5 miles (5. 6 km) west of Deer Lodge. The current facility was constructed between 1974 and 1979 in response to the continued degeneration of the original facility located in downtown Deer Lodge. deer lodge montana prison roster Anaconda Deer Lodge Co. Jail& Detention Inmate Search. Anaconda Deer Lodge Co. Jail& Detention. 800 S. Main Anaconda, MT. ; This is the most uptodate Deer Lodge County inmate search, inmate list, inmate roster, arrest reports, bail bond and booking information for the Anaconda Deer Lodge Co. Jail& Detention in the city of Anaconda, Deer Lodge County in the state of Montana. When you find out that someone you love is in prison, it can be a hard blow. Inmates in the AnacondaDeer Lodge County Detention in Montana have their records maintained by the county jail. This means you can look up information on this inmate, using their Montana State Prison is located at 400 Conley Lake Road, Deer Lodge, MT, . You will notice that prisoners who are imprisoned here, usually have a longer sentence. Those who have sentences less than one year or so are housed in a city or county jail. If youd like to contact the head of the [ AnacondaDeer Lodge County Detention, located in Anaconda, Montana houses inmates who are awaiting court, inmates who are waiting to be transferred to another prison, and inmates who are summoned by a judge to appear in court from another jail.

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