Dull pain in right testicle and leg

2020-02-23 02:51

The left testicle now hangs normally and the pain has more or less gone, although there is certainly a lot more going on at the back of the left testicle than the right. The pain in my leg and lower back is still there but only when I sit badly. I can't help fear that they have missed something.I dont think it is cancer as you would probably have other symptoms like an unusual heaviness in the scrotum, a dull ache in the groin or lower abdomen, pain or discomfort (which may come and go) in the testicle or scrotum, tenderness or enlargement of tissue in the breast area and a sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum. dull pain in right testicle and leg

Feb 15, 2018 I also have started getting like sharp shooting pain from above pubic region up to middle of chest. Also last month I noticed my upper legs were weird, like I went to walk and like my legs went another direction this just from top of both legs at front. I am sat typing now and have this dull pain in right lower back, and also right testicle.

Pain in left testicle and leg. Had pain since beginning of December in left testicle and left leg. First instance it lasted about 4 days and went after taking some ibrofuen. Then it came back 2 weeks later and hasn't went since. Been doc's good few times first he gave me anitbiotecs and said it was epididymitis but got all clear on sti next time he I have been suffering for few days where my right testicle has a dull pain which comes and goes but yet its not sore if I check it out. Then at some other times I also get a very mild pain in by abs area to the right but this is hardly noticable and lastly I get a dull pain, feels a little bit dead down the inside of my right legdull pain in right testicle and leg Jul 11, 2019 Looking online at various symptom checkers I noticed that testicular cancer was on there and I had the following common symptoms; paindiscomfort in the testicle, paindiscomfort in the abdomen, and a touch of fatigue. However no lump or indication of any sort of tumour. This has put me in a real state of limbo and got me really low.

Dull pain in right testicle and leg free

Dec 02, 2010 over the past couple of days i have been having this aching pain in my right testicle it is a dull pain that comes and goes, and i have been getting a aching pain in my right leg at about the same time, i have had the dull pain in my right testicle before and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about, so should i worry about this or not. dull pain in right testicle and leg

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